Where and How to Meet the Best Thai Girls

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Phuket Thai Beach Model Girls

The Hot Spots in Thailand

Where and how to meet the best Thai Girls in Thailand is becoming a very popular question for tourists. And for a very good reason too. Traveling throughout Thailand, you will find many beautiful and friendly girls throughout the country.
With the perfect combination of relaxed lifestyle, stunning scenery, picture perfect beaches, the abundance of delicious food, wild nightlife and don’t get me started on the beautiful Thai girls, Thailand is one of the top holiday destinations in the world!
But if you are looking for that something extra just for fun then you’re in the right place. Here I will explain the best plans to look along with some useful tips.
If this sounds like what you are looking for, then you will probably be best off by visiting the more popular tourist destinations. These hot spots include the capital city of Bangkok, Pattaya and Patong in Phuket. These are all very popular with the tourists and therefore, you will find many working girls who come here from all over Thailand looking for fun and work.
Here we will discuss the most common choices for tourists looking to find girls in Thailand
-The working bar girls
-The Gogo girls bars
-Meeting locals in the bars and clubs
-Finding sexy girls online with the local escort agencies.
We also recommend you two websites where you can meet beautiful Thai girls. Here are the First and Second. And if you are traveling in Thailand, then look into Bangkok and Samui.

Phuket Thai Bar Drink Chang Singha


Lets start with the capital city of Bangkok, where you will of course be the hub for tourists. Here you will find the infamous Khao San Road, Siom Road & Soi Cowboy. Where you will find many bars and many beautiful girls. These areas are a short taxi or tuktuk ride from each other but will certainly be worth the trip.
What is the stereotype of a typical Bangkok girl? Well as the capital of Thailand, you will pretty much have the full selection from across the country and a good mix of cultures coming together.
You will find the girls here a bit more westernised, with influences from around the world, but you will also find them to be more ambitious in all areas. After traveling across the country, it has become apparent that the locals in Bangkok prefer to have a lighter skin colour and will go to extraordinary length to keep themselves like this, from avoiding the sun as much as possible, covering up during the day and even skin whitening creams which are very popular.

Bangkok Thai Soi Cowboy Bar Girls
Thailand Bars Soi Cowboy
Pattaya Bars GoGo Girls Escorts

Pattaya’s Walking street

Pattaya is located South East of Bangkok a couple of hours drive away. With the beach close and wild nightlife, this is also a popular destination for working girls to come. The beaches in Pattaya are not renowned for being the cleanest, but the nightlife will definitely make up for that.
Pattaya now has a reputation as the sex capital of the world, whether you have been there or not.It is renowned for its party scene, so if you’re thinking about finding a wife or a long term relationship, I would suggest looking somewhere else. But if you are looking for a good time on holiday… Then get you’re in one of the right spots!
Also as one of the cheaper tourist destinations in Thailand, you will find an abundance of fun and friendly girls here. These girls are outgoing and pretty much anything goes in Pattaya!

Phukets Bangla Road in Patong

The island of Phuket is a stunning island with a variety of attractions beautiful beaches and of course the very popular Bangla Road in Patong. Patong is along the West coast about an hours drive south from the international airport. Bangla Road is a growing destination for tourists and with its thriving nightlife. New bars and clubs are constantly popping up and here is where the girls will come out to play.
Also known as one of the most expensive places in Thailand. As an island, the prices will naturally be higher, and the combination of this and the influx of tourists, everything from food and transport to the hotels and girls are more expensive.
But having some of the nicest beaches and resorts around, along with the weather combined with the best of the bars and clubs, its definitely a place to have a good time.
The majority of girls here differ from the pale skinned girls in Bangkok. These girls are a bit more of the outdoors type and love the beach or swimming at one of the beach bars, so you will find the sexy golden tanned girls here.

Bangla Road Phuket Girls

The best places to find the best girls

The most common choices for tourists looking to find girls are here.
The working bar girls
The Gogo girls bars
Meeting locals in the bars and clubs
Finding sexy girls online with the local escort agencies.
It really depends on what you are looking for. Whether it is for a fun night out, someone for companionship during your stay, or just for some fun for the night. So here are the different options:

The Bar's

Phuket Thai Bar Games Girls

Heading to the local bars and here is where you will find the friendly and welcoming bar girls. They are there to make money so will have a variety of different bar games, including pool tables, connect four, the nail and hammer game along with other dice games. The girls will almost always initiate a bet for a drink, and almost always, they will win. They have had a lot more practice at these games that the average tourist, however that doesn’t stop us. The fun you will have easily outweighs the cost for a few drinks.

Phuket Thai Bar Games Girl

GoGo Bars

These places are easy to spot, you will have girls on the bar, pole dancing in bikinis. These places are also good fun and you do get to watch the beautiful girls dancing while you sip on your cold Chang beer.
The girls in the bars are of course working and it is very common that these girls are available for more that just drinks. Usually if you like one of the bar staff, you can ask them to go with you for the rest of the night. You will have to pay the bar a bar fine which can vary from 800-1200 baht, but then you you can spend the night together exploring the other attractions, she will of course get changed in something different before you head off together.

Phuket Thai Bar GoGo Girls

Meeting the party girls in the bars and clubs

Meeting girls while out on a night out is a fairly similar game to the working bar girls. Although they wont be playing as many games like in the bars and you wont have to pay a bar fine for them to go with you, they will expect the same treatment, so always be respectful and polite.

Bangkok Club Girls

So you've found your girl... What now?

So you’ve spent a few hours our bar hopping, you’ve hit it off well with each other and now you’re thinking maybe you want to take her back with you.
Now this is where it can get tricky as some girls don’t actually want to even if you offer to pay them. Don’t be fooled by your surroundings, because a lot of these girls are more than happy to spend time with you but they don’t always have sex for money. I have seen many times how tourists think just because they have some money they can buy any girl they like. This is simply not the case, and you should respect the locals at all times, after all, we are tourists in their beautiful country.


On the other hand, they may very well want to go back with you. You should always first discuss with them about how much they will be charging you. The last ting you want is any disagreements in your hotel or apartment which unfortunately is common.
The third scenario is that if you are lucky enough to be young and good looking, they may just like you, and not even talk about any money. However, they will probably expect you to to buy them food, drinks and look after them as best you can. There are a lot of girls looking for boyfriends, whether for the long term or just for the holidays so you can find a nice girl to accompany you this way.

Escort Agencies Online

If you’re not one for going out bar hopping to find a nice girl, or just looking for a companion for the night, then this option can work well. You can find a huge selection of escort girls and stunning ladyboys online in seconds, just by typing in a few words. Initially you will see some of the well known escort directories, who just hold details for the local agencies, but with a bit of digging, you can find the local agencies and look directly at their website. I will always suggest going with a local agency in whatever you are searching for, as they have the local knowledge and can usually offer the best service.

Don’t forget to research your chosen agency, you should be able to easily contact them and ask some questions.

Never send payments online or via phone before you are with your escort and also check any cancelation policies, some agencies still take payment even if you cancel, so check this out first.

More information available on our other page Are Online Escorts Safe in Thailand, so check that out for more detailed information on booking escorts online.

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