Are Online Escort Agencies Safe in Thailand?

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Are Online Escort Agencies Safe in Thailand? There is no easy yes or no answer to this, during my years of traveling throughout Thailand, I have witnessed first hand and heard many different stories from other tourists. The good, the bad and the ugly… So where do you start if you want to find a nice girl to spend your holiday with?

Online Agencies & Directories

The sextrade industry is a fast growing industry in Thailand and many new online agencies are constantly springing up. So how do you find a safe escort agency, especially where you can’t first meet the girls.

The internet is flooded with girl’s profiles now and unfortunately may of them are either fake or the profile is outdated and doesn’t exist anymore. This is especially true with escort directories as it is very easy for anyone to make a profile without verification. If you do find a girl on a directory, then make sure it links to an agency website and then check the profile again there.

Going direct to the escort agencies are definitely a better option as there is a lot of work setting up and running a website and it is more difficult to sustain a good website if they are not legitimate. Agencies are a good option as you can see what services the girls offer on their profile and exactly what their charges are along with viewing their photos. They also tend to have the higher class girls here rather than who you’ll find working in the bars.

What Next?

So you’ve found an agency with some nice escort models, what next? Do some research, it can be very easy to spot a website that isn’t good by the lack of information, and contact details. Give them a call and ask some questions if you are not sure.

I would never recommend payment online or over the phone. The genuine agencies will arrange for the girls to take payment in cash on arrival. This is by far the best option as you can verify if the girl is genuine when you see them.

Also check any cancelation policies, some agencies still demand payment if you cancel so try to find the ones that don’t.

After you have Booked

In Thailand many of the hotels will charge extra if you have a girl come to stay with you, they will also take the girls ID at the reception and return it when she leaves. This is for the safety of the guests and is common practice around. If you plan on bringing anyone back to stay with you, its best to check with the hotel prior to booking or find accommodation where they don’t charge. Your escort agency should also be able to help with this. The alternative to this is if you book a girl for a few nights or more, bring her with you when you check in and tell them that she is your girlfriend, if they believe you then you shouldn’t have to pay anything extra, however if you change girls then they will probably notice.

When making your booking, you will give the agency your basic details and where you are staying so the girl can find you, along with a date and time to meet. The agency will confirm the arrangements and the girl will then come to meet you as arranged. When she arrives and you are satisfied she is who you booked, you should pay the girl first. The rest is up to you in the privacy of your room. The agency should contact the girl at the end of the booking time to make sure they are happy or daily if there is a long term booking.

A few Final Notes

These girls are working girls, this is their job and a lot of them enjoy their work, so please be respectful at all times. Thailand is a beautiful cultural country and as tourists we should respect that.

Tipping is usually accepted for the girls and should be for them, and not for the agency, so also check this.

If you would like to spend more time with the girl, it is best to arrange though the agency as if anything does happen, you still have them to contact. Also the girls may get in trouble and loose their position with the agency if they find out.

Some popular agencies and directories are:

Escort Agencies Online

If you’re not one for going out bar hopping to find a nice girl, or just looking for a companion for the night, then this option can work well. You can find a huge selection of escort girls and stunning ladyboys online in seconds, just by typing in a few words. Initially you will see some of the well known escort directories, who just hold details for the local agencies, but with a bit of digging, you can find the local agencies and look directly at their website. I will always suggest going with a local agency in whatever you are searching for, as they have the local knowledge and can usually offer the best service.

I would recommend these local sites:
One   &   Two

Don’t forget to research your chosen agency, you should be able to easily contact them and ask some questions.

Never send payments online or via phone before you are with your escort and also check any cancelation policies, some agencies still take payment even if you cancel, so check this out first.

More information available on our other page Where and How to Meet the Best Thai Girls, so check that out for more detailed information on booking escorts online.

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